3-Steps to get ready for the holidays

Sandra Price

Christmas is nearly here. Are you ready?

Christmas time is a challenging time for most business owners.  There are lots of events, promotions, bonuses and gifts to prepare and organise.  Here are three steps to help you prepare for the “silly” season and save yourself some stress.


Step 1 –  Staff

Take time now to look at your staffing requirements and what pay your employees are entitled to.

As the business owner, there are obligations you must comply with in relation to holiday pay, bonuses and entitlements of your employees. Take time to prepare and calculate your employees holiday pay before you get caught up with the busy season.

Here are some important reminders about the upcoming Christmas season: 

  1. There are five public holidays for this Christmas period
  • Sunday 25 December – Christmas Day
  • Monday 26 December – Boxing Day
  • Tuesday 27 December – Christmas Day (in lieu)
  • Sunday 1 January – New Year’s Day
  • Monday 2 January – New Year’s Day Holiday
  1. If your business usually closes over the Christmas period, new employees are also required to take time off during the shutdown even though they may not have accrued sufficient leave. Here are some options for new employees:
  • Allow them take paid annual leave in advance (you both have to agree to this and have it in writing)
  • Allow them to take unpaid leave.
  • Don’t forget to allow for paid public holidays if these falls on a day they usually work.

Step 2 – Prepare early for events and parties

Unforgettable company events don’t just happen. They take planning and preparations. Make a checklist of all the nitty gritty details so you don’t forget anything or make costly decisions. Always remember the purpose of the event, budget and your goals.

Step 3 – Remind your clients and suppliers of your office Christmas closedown period

Whether you close your business this holiday season or keep trading, make sure you tell your clients. Send them an email, post an announcement in social media and include it in your newsletter. If your business is such that you need to work through the Christmas season, make sure you have staff to cover the work.


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