End of Financial Checklist ; A small business guide to surviving EOFY

Sandra Price

End of financial year. These 4 little words can strike a mixture of emotions in any business owner. It is a busy time. There are so many things that need to be done. Payment Summaries, BAS, Reportable Contractor reports not to mention having your bookkeeping up to date for the accountant to do their magic. It can be overwhelming, scary and stressful.

It’s completely normal to have these moments. Most business owners at some stage go through these emotions and come out the other side. Not always better for it but you will survive.

It’s all about getting your sh#t together now and being prepared. Why now you ask ? It’s pretty simple. If you have a tax problem and need some serious tax planning your accountant can’t help you after June 30, unless of course you would like the tax department to take even more money than they already do. It takes time.

We have a tried and tested step by step checklist that we use each year and we really want to share it with you. We want money in your pocket not the ATO’s so you can stop stressing about business and enjoy the better parts of life ( fishing , camping, holidays etc)

All you have to do is come along or send your significant other to our “Ladies Supporting Tradies” lunch on the 17 May at the Aussie Painters Network and we will step you through it. For $47 (tax deductable) you will leave with an organised action plan to help you with tax planning and set you on the front foot for next year.

One of my favourite quotes is by an unknown author – “Prepare and Prevent, don’t repair and repent”. With a little bit of preparation, you can save yourself time money and stress.

Seats are limited so make sure you don’t waste any time registering. – www.eofylunch.eventbrite.com.au

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